Interview: Design 360 Magazine. World Masters Games Interior.

Recently we were interviewed by Design 360 magazine about sport branding and its influence on us. We were reminded how much we (as people) celebrate sport and how much we are inspired to be creative through it. It's a shame that people don't apply the same level of enthusiasm and creative energy to many (ahem) business brands. Not saying that they need to look sporty or 'me-too' or 'Nike' styled brands, but more our general approach in the thinking and curiosity that is applied. Maybe that's a topic best kept for a rainy day!


Sport is a rich territory for great design, don't get us wrong, we love to highlight truth's and tell a great story in anything that we design. In this particular case, our World Masters Games 2017 interior, was to find a visual description and celebration of sport that worked best, while using the existing architectural space. Everything was hand painted like a master craftsperson (also reflecting the hand painted brand mark, typography and iconography). The tricky task was to interpret the brand we had developed earlier in a fun way without cluttering it all up and getting too 'painty'. We wanted people to feel like they were in a gallery celebrating sports - not just hanging stuff from the wall - but more 'in the moment' so that you're immersed in the experience all the way.





Sport branding definitely draws from the excitement of action and movement more than most. It tends to inform a lot of brands in this territory, so we had to be careful to stay true to the Master's event and not get caught up in plastering 'action stuff' everywhere!





We all know that Kiwi's love 'a good story bro' and the space plays on that with a yarn or two about key moments in World Master's history. Our key defining statement was 'you can change the game when you start unknown and finish unforgettable'. Definitely a truth for every passionate competitor. All the stories, in fact, sit beside a quirky sport item or two. Like the javelins flying across the ceiling and the rubbish basketball. For the staff and their guests it's all about feeling like you're involved in the event everyday - even though it's already happened!

If you get the chance you should check it out - or even compete! I'm sure you'll garner a good story or two and maybe even have a great experience in the process. The next World Masters Games is in Kansai, Japan in 2021.