Market Fresh

The produce department at Countdown required a major overhaul. Customer perceptions of both price and quality were low, reflecting a space awash with inconsistent messaging, multiple typefaces and confusing pricing formats, not to mention too much fluorescent light. We were asked to develop a visual system to declutter the fresh produce space, provide a unified style and tone of voice which more clearly speaks to the simple, wholesome and natural goodness of the fruit and vegetables on offer.





Creating a sense of market freshness was our solution. At the heart of this was the development of a painted typeface based on Countdown’s existing typeface, Freight Sans. Reminiscent of grocers signs of old, Market Fresh is a nod to the marketplace aesthetic without being overly rustic or departing from Countdown’s brand look and feel. Direct, approachable and engaging, the type treatment became the ideal vehicle for conveying more upfront and enticing messaging across the department and delivering an overall impression of honesty and freshness.





The new look and feel has been rolled out across the country to great success. Including free fruit for kids now being implemented in competitor supermarkets. Customer perceptions have risen markedly along with a significant lift in Countdown’s produce sales nation wide. Market Fresh has successfully helped invigorate Countdown's produce offering and reinstate the fresh department at the heart of the Supermarket.